Natural Help for Period Pains

Ugh! It’s “that time of month”!  Why does it have to be so miserable for so many women? What causes menstrual cramps anyhow?  And how do you get rid of them? While many women are plagued with menstrual cramps every month, few understand exactly what causes...

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Microwaves are Magical

Most of my patients are shocked and confused when my recommendations include microwave instructions.  They are even more surprised to hear that I use a microwave in my own home (quite often even). Do you use your microwave? If you’ve...

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3 Minute Paleo English Muffin

Paleo Microwave Muffins - When I’m craving bread or toast, but I don't want to blow my grain-free protocol, I whip one of these up and have a nice lil’ grain free english muffin in a jiffy! Thanks to this revolutionary contraption called...

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