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Here’s What The GLOW Protocol Can Do for YOU!

The GLOW Protocol is a concentrated naturopathic health transformation experience that gives you the tools, techniques, and support to claim the body you desire and the life you deserve.  You’ll discover a wealth of insights you can use to start experiencing your life as a Happy Healthy Hot Mom, including:

✔ How to listen to your body so you can give it what it really wants (no more cravings!)

✔ How to leverage your own unique genetics to overcome disease, chronic pain and physical limitations.

✔ How to connect with your inner wisdom so you can achieve mental clarity and happiness

✔ How to understand your body and its cues so that you can avoid injury and illness

✔ How to unleash your courageous confidence so you can break through limiting beliefs and emotional baggage and finally achieve your goals

✔ How to feed yourself and your family in a way that doesn’t drain your time or your budget

✔ How to make fitness fun and incorporate more movement into your daily life

✔ How to use your gifts and talents to create positive life experiences for yourself and family!

✔ How to approach each day with confidence, gratitude, enthusiasm and energy!

✔ How to experience deeper, more satisfying personal relationships

✔ How to have the best sex of your life and more of it

✔ How to develop consistency in your daily thoughts and actions so that you can make progress every day toward your goals!

✔ How to lower stress and raise vitality so that you look and feel 10 years younger

✔ How walk into your closet and know that everything you put on will look fabulous on your body

✔ How to model all of this behavior for your children, so they grow up with the tools to live happy, healthy and confident

And much, MUCH more!

Mamma Glow empowers you to experience complete, total transformation faster than you ever thought possible

I’ve designed this experience specifically to help you pack 5 years. . . 10 years. . . or more of self-discovery and wellness into just one amazing year!

It will give you back that precious commodity that seems to keep slipping away – TIME

The Glow Protocol experience is for you if you wish to be happier, healthier, and hotter with plenty of energy to outplay your kids and outperform your peers – not to mention drive your husband wild.

PLUS – Possibly the biggest benefit of all, beyond what this experience will unleash for you – is the impact it will have on your kids.

Here is exactly what you are getting when you upgrade your life with Mamma Glow Today!

  • You get TWO Functional Lab tests – to assess your current state of health, uncover any dysfunction and deficiencies and allow for a truly customized transformation plan to be designed for you 
  • You get ONE 90 minute results and recommendations consultation with Dr. Michelle Sands where you will go over in detail the results of your personal lab tests, learn what they mean, and discover what you can do to improve your health – no guessing here, we look inside you with real functional medicine tools to find out what is really going on.  Only then can we be sure that you will see results ($ 750.00 value).
  • You get a 1-hour intensive coaching calls every month – every call educates and empowers you to make dramatic progress toward your personal transformation ($ 4500.00 value).
  • You get ONE Personal Virtual Office Visit with Dr. Michelle Sands each month to address any concerns, assess progress and make changes to your program ($4800.00 value).
  • The last week of the month is a flex week, to recharge, process, and implement the work we have done in the month.
  • You get unlimited access to our private Facebook community, where you’ll find constant support and encouragement.  Dr. Sands personally spends time in there each day answering questions.
  • Michelle Sands, ND on retainer for the year!!  Your whole healing protocol is spelled out for you and your personal Natural Medicine doctor is there to support you every step of the way.

And too many other life-changing tools to list here!  PLUS… for a limited time, you’re getting these amazing bonuses to give you even greater control throughout your personal transformation:

  • Free Enrollment in the 21 Day Metabolic Rehab and Mindset Makeover program.  This is a great jump start of refresher.
  • A SECOND 90 minute results and recommendations consult for any follow up lab tests.  A second round of labs is recommended, but not required to follow up on any issue that needed attention on initial labs.  Typically, only 1 or 2 follow up labs are needed.  Dr. Sands will advise on which ones to run and the results and recommendation consult is FREE to those who sign up today!

Most of all, you’re getting complete access to a new, fulfilled life… and to the amazing health, happiness and confidence you’ve been missing out on! Yes, Dr. Michelle… I’m FINALLY Ready to Experience Total Transformation and Be the Happy, Healthy, Hot Mom I was meant to be!

What are you waiting for?

Click on the “Yes!  I want to GLOW” button below to secure the BEST LIFE for you AND your children.

***Regrettably, I have to limit the number of people who can experience the deep transformation of The GLOW Protocol so that I can give each and every member my full attention and support.  Don’t miss out become a member now while there’s still room available!

I don’t think price should be a barrier to transformation, and that’s why I’m offering The GLOW Protocol at just $697 per month.  Remember, you are getting a naturopathic doctor on retainer for the year at a fraction of what my VIP clients pay.  What is your health and happiness worth to you?

More importantly, what is the health, happiness, and success of your children worth?

Let me take your hand and show you how awesome life can be…


Yes, Dr. Michelle… I’m FINALLY Ready to Experience Total Transformation and Be the Happy, Healthy, Hot Mom I was meant to be!

Are you still reading?  You want this, but something is holding you back?  Maybe you think it won’t work, or maybe you just think that it won’t work for you…

Maybe you don’t have the time, money, or faith in yourself.

Maybe ONE year from now you will be in the same spot you are today, maybe worse.  BUT what if it could be better, so much better you can’t even envision it?  I am here to tell you it is possible.

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