Thrive Market (SAVE an Extra 25% off + free shipping on your first order!)

This is where we shop for all of our organic products and here’s the reason why:

1. Over 4,000 organic, Paleo, and gluten-free (etc.) products that matter most to you.  
2. Up to 50% off every single item, every time you order. And orders $49+ always ship free!
3. Order online or on our app in minutes, day or night, and get everything delivered right to your door.
We used to buy all of our organic items at the local grocery store, so it was a no-brainer when we could get the same items for less expensive AND delivered to our front door.  Now, this is how we buy all of our organic products!

The Microbiome Experts (Megasporeprobiotics) – This is where you can by Megasporebiotic, which is the best prescription grade probiotic on the market, and only available through a doctor.  After clicking on the “shop” button, enter password “metabolic!”

Neurohacker Collective – Some of you may have seen this on my Nature Cure summit.  Their product, Qualia, is designed to help with brain fog, anxiety, becoming overshelmed, or cognitive decline.  

Organifi Green Juice – Oranifi is an amazing superfood health drink.  My husband and I drink it regularly. Paxton loves it too.  I’ll have to admit, their website and ordering process is very spamy, and they won’t let you order just one without a subscription, so my husband and I order three at a time.  And after you order, they slam you with emails, which you can unsubscribe from.  But aside from their somewhat annoying sales tactics, it really is an amazing product and we love it!

The Flavor Chef & The Brothery –This is a bio-organic bone broth company that delivers.  You can also go to their website and see what stores carry their products.

Fitvine Wine – If you’re going to have a glass of wine, it might as well be a healthy wine!  Fitvine wine uses a special malolactic fermentation process, lowering the sugar level.  Their wines average less than 1.3g of sugar per liter.  Their proprietary process also allows them to extract more color and tannins, and they filter all of their wines with both diatomaceous earth and micron pads.  As well, their wines contain lower sulfites.

Bottom line, this is one of the healthiest wines you can drink if you’re going to drink.  Click on the link below to view the site.  And if you decide to buy anything, enter in code “SANDS10” at checkout for an additional 10% off your order!

Mt. Capra – Mt. Capra manufactures a lot of great products, but the ones I recommend most are the components in Paxton’s homemade baby formula (Download Paxton’s Milk Recipe HERE).

As any doctor will tell you, breast milk is best, but if you are no longer breastfeeding you’ll want to avoid most formulas that are out there, and you’ll especially want to stay away from anything with soy in it.  Below is a recipe I’ve been giving Paxton since I stopped breast feeding, which I contribute to his amazing growth and brilliance (biased mom aside).

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