YOU can Understand and overcome what is ailing you, no matter your starting point. YOU can Leverage your unique genetics to live the life you deserve in the body you desire. Are you ready to GLOW?

This holistic natural medicine wellness program provides all of the information, investigation, tools, techniques, and support that you need to reach your goals. We focus on healing your whole being- body, mind and spirit – and educating you how to maintain your health for the rest of your life using the DREAMS acronym – Diet, Rest, Activities that Heal, Exercise, Mindset and Stress Reduction

This is not a cookie cutter program. This is not a basic diet and exercise system. Those only work for a few people. This is a truly individualized investigation into your health, genetics and biology along with a customized action plan and real medical support to get your to your goals.

This program is designed and led by licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Michelle Sands. In this program you will be working directly with Dr. Sands – not a member of her staff.

Those enrolling in the next 10 days will receive access to Dr. Sands’ 21 Day Metabolic Rehab and Mindset Makeover.  This valuable 3 week program is a great way to jumpstart your health and identify any food sensitivities that may be getting in your way.



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  • 12 equal payments automatically billed on the 1st of each month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Expensive?

Remember – your health is your greatest asset. This program offers better results and significantly lower fees than the traditional integrative medicine model. I never want cost to be a barrier to healing, which is why I have designed this program to fit anyone’s budget.

Why one year?

In my experience, it takes a full year to heal the body, adopt new lifestyle behaviors and optimize health for lasting results. This is truly going to be the most transformative year of your life – and you will reap the rewards for every year after. (Not the mention the extra years of life you will gain from improving your health.)

I Already Have A Doctor, Will this work for me?

Certainly, most women who come to work with me are already under a doctor (or several doctors care). I work differently than your conventional doctor – but as an integra­tive physician, we can all work together to ensure the best possible out­come. Warning: Your doctor may be confused by your rapid improvement and lessened dependence on prescriptions!

I am too old, is this just for new moms?

No – this program is for any woman of any age who wants to improve health, increase vitality, and gain confidence.  Approximately half of the women in the program are grandmom or great grandmoms

No other doctor, trainer, or specialist has been able to help me, what make the GLOW Protocol different?

While most physicians and even holistic healers aim to treat the disease and dysfunction, Dr. Michelle Sands treats the you – the whole person.  She looks beyond the obvious and uncovers the true origin of any health issue. Most importantly, Dr. Sands designs each patient’s healing protocol based on their own genetic tendencies – this making the protocols extremely effective and easy to adhere to.

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