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How to Work with Me…

I have three separate programs, each one designed to fit your specific needs:

21-Day Metabolic Rehab

This program reduces inflammation and allows you to increase energy and release weight naturally within 21 days.   To learn more, click here:

The GLOW Protocol

Leverage the power of nature and harness your own innate healing power for optimal wellness in this monthly program you can do at your own pace, while receiving everything my private patients receive at a fraction of the cost:

Private Membership

This is for the person that needs more personal attention from Dr. Michelle.  At GLOW Natural Medicine we address all systems of the body and mind – from hormones to brain chemistry, digestion to detoxification, immune system, metabolic health and mindset, energetic frequency, and self-love:

If you’re unsure wich program works best for you, Please book a fREE consult and I’ll steer you in the right direction 🙂

Are you in a rut…

Feeling like you’re just “getting by” instead of truly living?
Do you struggle with fatigue, extra weight, depression or a chronic health condition?
Would you like to balance hormones, optimize metabolism, and naturally lessen your dependence of prescription medications?

Do you ever wish you could be. . .




Dream a little with me. Let go of any resistance and join me in a fantasy:

How would your life change if. . .

  • You felt beautiful, healthy, sexy and confident?
  • If you had the energy to live life to the fullest?
  • If you were truly happy – all the time?


We work hard to create the best life for our children.
It is in our DNA.  As women, specifically mothers,
we are simply wired to nurture and give of ourselves.

Although we have never met, I feel I know a little something about you.
You are just like me.  We are moms.
We love the family life that we have created,
we are proud of what we have accomplished in life, and things are pretty good.

When we step into our roles as mothers,
we give so much of ourselves –
our bodies, our emotions, our resources, and our love.

It is really a wonderful thing.  But somehow it isn’t enough.

In the days following Paxton’s birth, at times when I should have been at my happiest, I found myself confused, scared, and even a little sad.

I had just created a miracle, yet I felt something short of miraculous.

Maybe it was the fact that my body had been stretched beyond recognition and my modesty taken during the most difficult physical event of my life.  Or was it because my breasts – which were once a symbol of my sexuality – had now become utilitarian factories of milk.  Or perhaps it was because I was sleep deprived and my hormones were going haywire, and my whole life had changed – in a blink.

I fell into what I describe as a “rut.”   I wondered if I would have to give up my active lifestyle, career, and goals to be the best mom in the world for little Paxton.  After all, I would do anything for that little guy.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the fact I was now a mom was a REASON to take back my health, my happiness, and my confidence.  It was my responsibility to take care of myself SO THAT I COULD TAKE BETTER CARE OF HIM.

Not only did I want to be healthy and strong so that I could be around to nurture his children many years from now, but I wanted to be a positive role model for him from that day forward.

I needed to blend functional medicine, modern science, ayurvedic principals, herbalism, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, energy work, meditation, mindset, movement, rest, and nutrition.

What emerged was a way for me to regain optimal health and happiness using a process that enabled me to maintain that level of wellness, effortlessly.

My life was completely transformed.

I mentioned before that healthy, happy, confident moms raise healthy, happy, successful children.  Epi-genetics tells us that your grandchildren will also benefit from what you do right now.  This is the gift that I want to share with you and your family.

Your own story is undoubtedly different – maybe you had a difficult pregnancy or birth, maybe your child has a disability, or maybe you struggle with a chronic health condition. . .  but the feelings of dissatisfaction, fear and uncertainty you struggle with are likely much the same as mine were.

Today, let me invite you to experience your own personal transformation.

Hi – I’m Dr. Michelle Sands, ND – the Metabolic Mamma.

I am a Natural and Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in women’s fat loss, metabolism, hormone balancing, and digestion.  

Naturopathic means – “the way of nature” and Doctor means – “to teach“.  

In other words:  I teach women how to harness the power of nature to change their biology, hormones, and genetic expression so they can live happier and healthier lives – regardless of their family history.

I use cutting edge functional lab tests and simple, yet effective, holistic lifestyle modifications to make it all happen.  This blend of Eastern and Western Medicine combined with the convenience and unparalleled 24/7 support of my online clinic is why my patients get lasting results.

No fancy equipment or freaky food lists necessary.  And all of my plans are made specifically for busy women.  I am known in natural health circles as the realistic holistic because I focus on natural, holistic strategies that are realistic and easy to implement no matter how hectic your schedule.

All of the secrets to having a rockin’ bod, brilliant brains, endless energy, sizzling sex, and the powers of a supermom – can be found in nature, the universe and within you!  Whether you are a mom to be, aunt, sister, mom or grandmom – you deserve to glow!

Your unique genetics, hormonal makeup, metabolism, digestion, detoxification pathways, immune system and neurotransmitters have very specific requirements in order for you to look, feel, and preform at your best.  Let me show you how to work with your own biology and genetics to bring your body back to a state of ease and balance

    If you are tired of feeling frumpy, frazzled and unfulfilled
    (fed up with living in pain or just frustrated about not fitting in your skinny jeans)
    … and you are FINALLY ready to experience life as a Happy Healthy Hot Mom…

    You NEED to experience The GLOW Protocol

    No matter your starting point, I can meet you where you are,
    and show you exactly how to experience the health, joy, and Vitality you deserve.

    The thing about metabolic dysfunction, hormone imbalances,
    depression, and self-doubt . . .they only have the power that you give them.

    The GLOW Protocol is about taking back that power…

    and using it to spark a transformation that will reveal your rockin’ body
    . . .empower you to experience authentic fulfillment
    … and give you optimal wellness so you can better take care of
    and be an example for your children, family, friends and community.

    Is the The Glow Protocol right for you?

    Not everyone is a good candidate for the GLOW Protocol,
    but those that are get amazing, jaw-dropping results.  
    Why not find out if you are ready to GLOW?
     Book a free consultation with Dr. Michelle Sands
    by clicking the button below.


    Genetic Leveraging for Optimal Wellness.


    Genetic Leveraging for Optimal Wellness.

    What this means is that we take YOUR UNIQUE GENETICS – and we amplify the good and tone down the bad – using functional and natural medicine, i.e. leveraging.

    Optimal Wellness is a state of zero dysfunction (where you look and feel amazing).  That’s what you’re going to align yourself with in this transformative, empowering, health building program!

    Most people think of physical health when they hear the word “wellness.” And yes, The GLOW Protocol will certainly enable you to enjoy physical health.  You’ll effortlessly maintain your ideal weight, have abundant energy and not rely on drugs or medication.

    But, wellness is about emotional health, spiritual health, and financial health.  It means that you have healthy relationships, healthy habits, and a healthy self-image.  It isn’t just about body, but rather body, mind and spirit.  When you achieve optimal wellness you have the power to experience your ideal life!

    We’re talking about a total life upgrade here.  The kind of upgrade that empowers you to have the body you desire and the life you deserve.

    You’ll be empowered with a kind of happiness and health that is magnetic and contagious.  So, as a result, those closest to you will become happier and healthier as well.

    I did not want price to be a barrier, so I decided to offer this program at a fraction of the price of individual medical visits.  I would love to sit down and chat with you to hear about your dream life and how I can help you get there. 

    Want to peek inside and see what you will experience in the The GLOW Protocol ?

    Curious about how the experience will change your life?  Listen to what these women had to say:

    Isabel’s Story

    After the birth of Isabel’s 2nd child, she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin.  No matter how hard she tried, that extra baby weight wouldn’t budge.  Along with the extra pounds, she was dealing with extreme fatigue and digestive difficulties as well.  Not exactly ideal when you are caring for 2 active boys.

    After working with Dr. Michelle for only 12 weeks, Isabel was not only proudly wearing her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, but she experienced a major improvement in her digestion and her energy levels.

    Hear more about Isabel’s success story in her video.

    Are You Ready to GLOW?

    Of course you are!  Be a GLOW-getter!!

    Book Your FREE Consult With Dr. Michelle Today!

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